Success Stories

Success Stories

Practical acting is a must-take-class for anyone interested in acting no matter what your experience. I am a beginner, and I felt the class was challenging but fun, serious but easy going. I feel a lot more comfortable with the audition process after taking this class. I learned what to expect in an audition, what to say, and how to stand out. I learned techniques for how to understand and memorize a monologue, as well as how to adapt to changing situations on set. Stephen Burhoe lets you play with a lot of different exercises during class that help you give a great audition, feel confident giving a cold read, and gives you feedback on giving a better performance. He also has a great way of really honing your skills and giving you the proper feedback at whatever level you are - from beginning to advanced levels. I highly recommend this class!! Thank you Stephen!!

Christine S.   

I first met Steve in an acting for commercials workshop. It was jam packed with practical information and tips to upgrade your overall impression from hobbyist to professional in the audition room. He isn't afraid to pick your work apart and tell you exactly what you need to do to up your game. I decided that weekend that I would hire him for private coaching to help me prepare for an upcoming performance in an actors showcase and boy am I glad I did. I ended up winning my category and getting the attention of a few agents soon afterward. He has also since worked with my 6 year old daughter on audition prep and is great with kids too. I really can't thank and recommend Stephen enough!

Teresa Jones   

Steve Burhoe has a talent for deriving the talent out of new young actors. I was able to witness this first-hand in his most recent improvisational class. It was inspirational and re-affirmed my love for acting. Thank you very much, Mr. Burhoe, for taking the time to help further along the careers of up-and-coming New Mexican actors. I fully recommend this class to anyone looking to improve their acting abilities or to just sharpen their skills.

Jack Jackson   

Steve Burhoe's Practical acting class is precisely that. Practical skills which will benefit the actor who is ready to put in the work; in turn receiving a higher level of understanding the skills essential to the audition process. As a background actor I gained a better perspective of what is expected of me on set. Steve illustrated how having fun whilst working is just another perk of acting.

Michelle T   

I've always considered myself shy with stage fright. I was terrified to start acting classes but I knew it was what I had to do to break into the business. I went to Steve's Fig Newton class and was shocked at how much I learned in one class!! I signed up for the Practical Acting class and I am very proud of how far I've come and can't thank Steve enough! I know how to properly audition for roles and have confidence in myself. There really is so much to learn! All I can say is definitely sign up for the class!! You'll learn a lot!!

Raquel R.   

At first I was skeptical but went with a friend anyway to Steve Burhoe's free "Fig Newton" acting class. It was SO informative and fun and didn't feel like a sales pitch at all....after that I was hooked! I took his 8 week Practical Acting class and am about to start the next one in the series. Have learned SO many great things about the film industry as well as techniques that other coaches may not know/share as freely; and because of his class I have already been able to start putting it into practice. I've been in a commercial, done some background acting, and even entered a self-taped audition into the 2017 NM Actors Schowcase! The price for the value is a real bargain, especially when compared to what little you get for double the price at other schools...I HIGHLY recommend his classes and can't wait to take more! Thanks Steve.

Chrissy B   

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